Random Subcloning, Pairwise End Sequencing, and the Molecular Evolution of the Vertebrate Trypsinogens

Doctoral Thesis of Jared Roach

This is my doctoral thesis. I present it here as a pdf file of the third printing, which was February 2000, but with a few additional typos corrected in chapter 3. The most recent changes were in April 2001. Many of the figures are imperfect with a pdf document. If you would like postscript or JPEG versions of any of the figures, or of an entire chapter, please contact me. The thesis can also be ordered directly from the University of Michigan archives, but I do not reccommend doing so, as you will get the first printing, which has more typos as well as lacks a few sections found in subsequent printings. Most, but not all, of the changes from the original printing are in Chapter 3. Chapter 3 is divided into two parts for space reasons (FrameMaker crashes when it tries to swallow the whole thing), not because of a natural break.

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